The Model Repository displays a list of all the models within the subscription. You can sort this list by any of the columns to organize according to your preference. From the repository, you can delete models and upload baseline data. For more information, go to Upload baseline data for a model.

Only models that are not in a deployment (Ready) can be deleted from the model repository.


Each model can have one of the following statuses.

Icon Status Details
  Ready The model is not in a deployment and is available for a new deployment.
Inactive The model is in a deployment, but the deployment is not active.
Deployed (Champion) The model is deployed as a champion model.
Deployed The model is deployed as a challenger model.
Upload Failed The model failed to upload and is unusable. Evaluate any errors in the system audit log and try again.
Failed Failure occurred during deployment of the model. This status is not common.

Baseline Data

Indicates whether the baseline data is available or not.
Upload successful
The model has baseline data uploaded.
Not available
The model does not have baseline data uploaded.