Language and regional settings

Minitab Model Ops provides language and regional settings for your subscription.

Regional settings affect the format of numeric decimal separators and list separators for your entire subscription. Specifically, how the numeric and list separators display in the reports and the expected format of decimal and list separators in your prediction and stability requests. For more information on changing a region for specific request, go to Data integration.

Regional settings also determine the default time zone settings for new deployments. For more information on changing a time zone for specific deployment, go to Time zone and start of day. The following table shows the available regions, corresponding separators, and default time zone settings.
Region Numeric separator List separator Default time zone
United States period comma America/New York (UTC-4)
United Kingdom period comma Europe/London (UTC+0)
France comma semicolon Europe/Paris (UTC+1)
Germany comma semicolon Europe/Berlin (UTC+1)
Brazil comma semicolon America/Sao Paulo (UTC-3)
Mexico period comma America/Mexico City (UTC-6)
Japan period comma Asia/Tokyo (UTC+9)
Korea period comma Asia/Seoul (UTC+9)
China period comma Asia/Shanghai (UTC+8)
Complete the following steps to change your language and regional settings.
  1. Sign in to Minitab Model Ops.
  2. Select , then select Language and Regional Settings.
  3. Under Region, select the region to use. Confirm the correct separator for numeric and list values.
  4. Select OK.