The Deployments page displays a list of all the deployments within the subscription. You can sort this list by any of the columns to organize according to your preference. From the list, you can activate, pause, and delete deployments. For more information, go to Activate, pause, or delete deployments.

Only paused deployments can be deleted from the deployments list.

Champion Model

Each deployment must have one and only one champion model. Each deployment can have up to two challenger models. For more information on using challenger models, go to Use champion/challenger models in a deployment.


Each deployment can have one of the following statuses.

Icon Status Details
Offline The deployment has been paused. Paused deployments cannot receive external requests.
Pending The deployment is being activated or paused.
Active The deployment is active. Active deployments can receive external requests.
Failed The deployment has failed. Evaluate any errors in the system audit log and try again.


Indicates the overall drift status of each deployed champion model so you can quickly see which deployments may need attention.

Icon Drift Details
  No status The model does not have baseline data or has been deployed for less than 50% of the production period.
Minimal The drift is not severe or moderate.
Moderate The prediction drift is moderate or a minimum number of predictor variables have moderate drift.
Severe The prediction drift is severe or a minimum number of predictor variables have severe drift.