The audit log for the deployment records the actions of the models within the deployment. Use the following steps to view the audit log for the deployment.
  1. Open the Deployments page.
  2. Select a deployment name to open the deployment details area.
  3. Open the Audit Log tab.

The system audit log for all deployments is found in the System Audit Log area from the left pane navigation.

Audit log information

The log records the following items for each action. Expand an item to see additional details for the action.
The date and time of the action.
The name from the User Information for the account for Minitab Model Ops.
This value records one of the following actions.
  • ActivateDeployment
  • PauseDeployment
  • UpdateDeployment
  • CreateApiKey
  • RevokeApiKey
  • AddChallenger
  • PromoteChallenger
  • RemoveChallenger
This value records whether the action succeeds or fails.