Enter your data for Nested Gage R&R Study

Stat > Quality Tools > Gage Study > Gage R&R Study (Nested)

Complete the following steps to specify the gage R&R study data.

  1. In Part or batch numbers, enter the column that contains the part or batch names or numbers.
  2. In Operators, enter the column that contains the operator names or numbers.
  3. In Measurement data, enter the column that contains the observed measurements.

In this worksheet, Part contains the part number identifiers, Operator contains the operator identifiers, and Response contains the measurement of each part. Each part is unique to operator; no two operators measure the same part.
C1 C2 C3
Part Operator Response
1 A 15.4257
1 A 16.8677
2 A 15.5018
2 A 15.1628
6 B 13.1025
6 B 15.5494

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