View the model for Comparisons

To perform this analysis in Minitab, go to the menu that you used to fit the model, then choose Comparisons > View Model.

The View Model dialog box displays information to help you determine whether you are using the correct model.

Minitab automatically stores the most recent model for a response variable each time you run the analysis. Any model that you previously fit for that response variable is overwritten. Therefore, verify that the current model is the correct model.

Comparisons uses a model that you fit and that Minitab automatically stored in your worksheet to estimate the differences between group means. You must fit a model before you can compare means. Comparisons are accurate only if the model represents the true relationships between the variables.

For more information, go to Stored model overview.

Model type
The Response drop-down list below displays only the general linear models in the worksheet.
Select a response variable to see what terms are in the model for this response.
Displays the terms that are in the most recent model that you fit for the response variable. Use your knowledge of the analysis to determine whether the current terms in the model correspond to the correct model. You cannot modify the term list.
Model status
Displays the status of the model for the response variable. If the model is out of date, you need to re-fit the model before you can use the model. A model is out of date when the data have changed since you fit the model.
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