Generate forecasts for ARIMA

Stat > Time Series > ARIMA > Forecasts

In Lead, enter the number of consecutive time periods that you want forecasts for.

In Origin, specify the row number for the first forecast. If you leave this field blank, Minitab starts the forecasts at the end of the time series. If you enter a value, Minitab uses only the data up to that row number for the forecasts. The forecast values differ from the fits because Minitab uses all the data to calculate the fits.

For example, an analyst has 5 years of monthly data for January through December. The analyst wants to generate a forecast for the next month, but the final month of December's data are incomplete. In Lead, the analyst enters 2. In Origin, the analyst enters 59. Minitab uses the data through the first 59 months to generate forecasts for December and January.


You can save statistics from your analysis to the worksheet so that you can use them in other analyses, graphs, and macros. Minitab stores the selected statistics after the last column of data. The names of the storage columns end with a number that increases as you store the same statistic multiple times.

The statistics that are available for storage depend on the options that you select for the analysis. For more details on any statistics, go to All statistics and graphs.

Enter a column to store the forecast for each observation that you specify.
Lower limits
Enter a column to store the lower 95% prediction limits of the forecasts, one row for each forecast.
Upper limits
Enter a column to store the upper 95% prediction limits of the forecasts, one row for each forecast.
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