Specify the default settings for managing graphs

Tools > Options > Graphics > Graph Management

Specify the number of graphs that can be open, and how to close and save graphs. The changes you make to the defaults remain until you change them again, even after you exit Minitab.
Maximum number of graphs
Specify an integer between 1 and 300 (inclusive) for the number of graphs that can be open at one time.
When There Are Too Many Graphs, Minitab Should
Specify what you want Minitab to do when you have the maximum number of graphs open and you try to open another graph.
  • Prompt you to close one or more graphs: Minitab prompts you to select the graphs to close.
  • Close the oldest graph: Minitab closes the first graph that you created.
  • Close all graphs: Minitab closes all graphs.
Prompt to Save a Graph Before Closing
Specify what you want Minitab to do when you close a graph without saving it.
  • If the current version has not been saved: Minitab prompts you to save a graph before you close it.
  • Never: Minitab closes the graph, even if it is not saved.
Confirm Close All Graphs command
Minitab displays a confirmation message when you choose Window > Close All Graphs, or click the corresponding buttons on the toolbar.
When I open a graph, remind me that a copy is added to the project
When you open a graph, Minitab displays a message that says a copy of the graph is added to the current project.
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