How do I resolve sign-in errors for my desktop software?

Applies to:
  • Minitab Engage®
  • Minitab Workspace®

If you are unable to sign in to the Minitab Engage desktop app or Minitab Workspace, you will need to delete the localdata.xml file.

Warning: When you delete the localdata.xml file, the following options will return to their default values.

  • The units used in the display of maps, forms, and print setup
  • The label used in Simulation results for capability metrics (Cpk or Ppk)
  • The Default dictionary (specified language) used for spell check
  • Any words you added to the dictionary
  • Your autosave setting
  • Your recent file list
  • Your recent folder list

To delete the localdata.xml file, complete the following steps.

  1. Close the desktop app.
  2. Open File Explorer.
  3. In the address bar, type the path that corresponds to your desktop product:
    • %localappdata%\minitab\Minitab Engage
    • %localappdata%\minitab\Minitab Workspace
  4. Delete the localdata.xml file.
  5. Open the desktop app and sign in.

If you continue to experience issues accessing your product, please contact Minitab Technical Support or submit a support request via Minitab Support.