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Can I run Minitab, Companion by Minitab, or Quality Companion on a Mac (Apple) computer?

Minitab does not currently offer native Mac versions of our desktop products. However, Minitab Express, statistical software designed for teaching and learning introductory statistics, is now available for both Mac and PC. For information about Minitab Express, visit

If you are interested in running your desktop product on a Mac, you can install the Windows operating system on your Intel-based Mac computer using either Apple Boot Camp or desktop virtualization software.


All the solutions below require that you follow the system requirements for your desktop product: Minitab, Companion by Minitab, or Quality Companion.

Apple Boot Camp
Boot Camp is a product from Apple that allows you to install and dual-boot your Intel-based Mac in OS X or Windows. The advantage of using Boot Camp is that Windows runs natively, which reduces the likelihood of technical issues. With this solution, you must reboot solely in OS X or Windows. You cannot use OS X and Windows at the same time. Boot Camp is included for free with Mac OS X Leopard (v10.5) or higher. If you plan to install Windows 7, it is recommended that you use the Boot Camp software included with Snow Leopard (v10.6) or above.
Desktop virtualization software
Desktop virtualization software allows you to install and use Windows on your Intel-based Mac without requiring a reboot. This allows you to be in OS X and Windows at the same time. Mac virtualization software is available from industry leaders such as VMware (VMware Fusion), Parallels (Parallels Desktop for Mac), and Oracle (VirtualBox).

Minitab products have not been rigorously tested in either Apple Boot Camp or desktop virtualization software, and assistance from Minitab Technical Support is limited. Before purchasing a Minitab product, it is strongly recommended that you download the trial version of the software to test in your environment.

Using the trial software on a virtual computer
To use the trial version in a virtual environment, you must contact Minitab Technical Support for a 30-day product key to activate the software.
Tips for using your desktop software on your Mac
  • You must choose one method of running Windows on your Mac - either run it natively (Boot Camp) or as a virtual desktop (Parallels or Fusion). Switching between the two may cause your desktop software to no longer launch. If you do have issues, try rebooting the version of Windows used for activation. For example, if you activate while using Boot Camp and then later decide to use your existing Boot Camp Windows image with Parallels, you will not be able to launch the software in Parallels. Rebooting and launching Windows in Boot Camp should resolve the issue.
  • When using Windows on your Mac, it is best to shut down Windows when you are finished using your software. Closing the lid of your notebook computer may cause Windows to hibernate or suspend, which can cause an error about a tampered license. Try shutting down Windows and rebooting the virtual computer. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Minitab Technical Support.
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