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Can I use the same license manager and license file for multiple Minitab desktop products, including add-ons?

To do this, simply add the license information for the second product or add-on after the information for the first product in the license file. You do not need to repeat the first three lines that contain server information. Copy only from the INCREMENT line down.

After the new INCREMENT is added, save minitab.lic to the following location and restart the Minitab License Manager service.
  • 64-bit version: C:\Program Files\Minitab\License Manager
  • 32-bit version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Minitab\License Manager
Example 1: A minitab.lic file that simultaneously manages Minitab and Minitab Workspace
SERVER this_host 0003ff9856e5
VENDOR minitab
INCREMENT Minitab minitab 21 31-dec-2022 2 VENDOR_STRING="LICENSED_TO= \
     Minitab Inc, : ACTIVATION_ID= \
	    null-aa28282e-22e5-4a7a-8d04-d049c8fe6c8f" DUP_GROUP=UH \
	    ISSUER=Minitab BORROW=26280 NOTICE="Customer ID: 13349 License \
	    Coord ID: 376697-135261 RENI1003138" SN="STDORD2264815 \
	    16384INC" SIGN="1DD7 8C7E F142 2273 0DB1 EC93 7DDE 88CD 1514 \
	    6D50 21C1 D259 9C5D 2C1B 9C86 157E 6953 1855 2C4C 0088 34B0 \
	    3353 5487 D8CF 400D 16AA 75E5 B51D EFD9 4A35"
INCREMENT companion minitab 5 31-dec-2022 5 VENDOR_STRING="TS Dustin \
	    Desktop" DUP_GROUP=UH ISSUER=Minitab BORROW=26280 \
	    CBM-a3c12987-9ef5-4621-a12d-fe1719063533" SIGN="0EAC 923E 65FA \
	    8FBF 473D EA8E 5A67 572A 5FF2 5C92 3C02 6681 BCCE B352 56E1 \
	    1EF7 CF22 8A8F C642 A37F D1B8 9546 A05F DECC BD36 DF84 B463 \
	    354D 2F60 4DC7"
Example 2: A minitab.lic file that combines a Minitab 21 license and the Predictive Analytics Module Add-On
SERVER this_host 0003ff9856e5
VENDOR minitab
INCREMENT Minitab minitab 21 31-jul-2021 1 \
    ACTIVATION_ID= 591b-8b1b-185e-4222-a094-e666-8380-31e4" \
    DUP_GROUP=UH ISSUER=Minitab BORROW=26280 SIGN="0298 1FBA 59C6 \
    28A1 566C CD40 6E04 3FA1 CD57 3C8D 0840 B69D 2CF3 E938 60A3 \
    1182 2743 B338 9B85 7897 2680 89D8 C886 53F1 7800 1A60 A19B \
    C913 773F 75C8"   
INCREMENT predictiveanalytics minitab 21 31-jul-2021 1 DUP_GROUP=UH \
    ISSUER=Minitab BORROW=26280 SIGN="190E BD42 8197 AC4E 6B74 \
    404F EC21 D52D 96C1 E95D 2E16 C914 1142 0E24 61D6 1957 7E6C \
    C104 90DC 9657 D8F7 5D99 3512 8806 33D5 BA0A 08B8 AEF4 6D4C \