Topic ID 2117

How can I install and configure my software for use away from my network?

Applies to:
  • Minitab® Statistical Software
  • Minitab Workspace®

There are two methods for using Minitab Statistical Software or Minitab Workspace offline or away from your networked license manager.

Method 1: Borrowing

If your license type supports borrowing, we recommend that you use borrowing to use Minitab or Minitab Workspace offline.

To borrow a license in Minitab 21 and 22 or Minitab Workspace:
  1. While connected to your company network, access your license information:
    • In Minitab, choose Help > About Minitab.
    • In Minitab Workspace, choose Help.
  2. Click Borrow License.
  3. In Borrow Through, choose a return date on the calendar.
  4. Click Borrow.
Method 2: Stand-Alone Installation
A stand-alone installation requires you to create a license file for one user and install the License Manager, along with the software, on the same computer.
  1. Create a license file by using the MAC address of the user’s computer on the Multi-User Licensing pages. For information about getting the MAC address of a computer, go to Topic ID 2084.
  2. Save the license file to the desktop of the user’s computer.
  3. Install the Minitab License Manager and accept all default settings during the installation.
  4. Install the desired application. During the installation, you will be prompted for a license server. Type localhost.
  5. Start the product that you installed.