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How can I determine where a client computer is trying to get a license from?

Minitab software on the client computer checks the environment variable MINITAB_LICENSE_FILE to determine the location of the License Manager. This location was specified during installation on the client computer. To view the value of this variable on a PC, go to Environment Variables.

You can also view this value by opening a Command Prompt on the client computer and typing set mini. The output will display: MINITAB_LICENSE_FILE=@LicenseManagerMachine.

Each time a user specifies a new License Manager, the value is stored at the following registry location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FLEXlm License Manager. If the software does not find a license manager at the location that the environment variable specifies, it will look for alternative locations stored in the registry. To view any locations that may have been stored in the registry, open regedit.exe and browse to the path of the MINITAB_LICENSE_FILE key.

To determine the license file that a license manager is using, go to Topic ID 2111.