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How do I configure the Minitab installation to use multiple or redundant license servers?

The Minitab multi-user desktop license installation can be configured to use multiple or redundant license servers. The configuring steps depend on your deployment method. If you use an .MSI file or the executable, the LICENSE_SERVER and LICENSE_SERVER_PORT properties will need to be set using the host name of each license server and the port number being used:
  • LICENSE_SERVER=ServerA;27000@ServerB;27000@ServerC

To deploy Minitab 21 with command line, use the following format:

 Minitab21.x.x.xsetup.exe /exenoui /exelang 1033 /qn ACCEPT_EULA=1
	 LICENSE_SERVER=ServerA;27000@ServerB;27000@ServerC LICENSE_SERVER_PORT=27000

Use the license server host names and port number that apply to your configuration.

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