Navigate the workspace in maps and brainstorm tools

You can use Pan Window or Pan to navigate the workspace.

Navigate large maps and brainstorm tools

In a process map, a value stream map, or a brainstorm tool, use Pan Window to move to areas of the map or tool that are outside the visible workspace.

  1. Choose View > Pan Window.
    Example of the pan window

    The red box highlights the area that is in the visible workspace.

  2. In the pan window, drag the red box to the area you want to view.
  3. To close the pan window, in its lower right corner, click the arrow .

Move to different areas of a map

In process maps and value stream maps, use Pan to quickly move to different areas of the map without having to use the scroll bar.

  1. In process maps and value stream maps, choose Map > Pan.
  2. Click the workspace and drag the hand to the area of the map that you want to see.
  3. To turn off the pan option, click Pan again.
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