Insert a hyperlink in maps, brainstorm tools, and forms

In a map, brainstorm tool, or form, you can insert a hyperlink to provide quick access to a file, web page, or project tool.
  1. Choose one of the following ways to insert a hyperlink.
    • In a map or brainstorm tool, right-click a shape, then select Hyperlink.
    • In a form in Fill Out mode, select in a data field that accepts multiple lines of formatted text, then select Hyperlink.
  2. In the Hyperlink dialog box, enter the name to display, then browse to or enter the location of the target file, web page, or project tool.
  3. Select OK.
In maps and brainstorm tools, the hyperlink symbol appears next to the shape.
In form fields, the hyperlink is displayed as linked text.

To edit the hyperlink, right-click it, then select Edit Hyperlink.