Edit and create reusable formatting options

A Quick Format is a reusable set of formatting options. You can edit or create custom Quick Formats for process maps, value stream maps, and for forms that are in design mode.

Edit a predefined Quick Format

Every map and form in design mode has a set of predefined Quick Formats. Because process maps, value stream maps, and forms contain different objects, such as shapes, connectors, labels, headings, and so on, the available Quick Formats can differ from tool to tool. You can apply a Quick Format to an object, delete a Quick Format, or edit a Quick Format.

To edit a predefined Quick Format, do the following:

  1. On the Ribbon, click Quick Format, right-click a format and choose Edit.
  2. In the Format dialog box, change the options and click OK. If you edit a Quick Format that is already applied to existing objects, you must reapply it for your changes to take effect.

Create a custom Quick Format

If you create a set of formatting options that you want to reuse, you can create a custom Quick Format.

  1. Right-click the object that has the formatting options you want to reuse, and choose Format > Save as a Custom Quick Format.
  2. In the New Quick Format dialog box, enter a name for the Quick Format, and then click OK.
    The next time you click the Quick Format button on the Ribbon, the new custom Quick Format is available.
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