PPAP Requirements Checklist

With the PPAP project template, use the PPAP Requirements Checklist to track the progress of submitting the required documentation according to PPAP guidelines.

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) relies on a framework of documents, customer requirements, and authorizations to ensure that a supplier produces parts reliably and repeatedly.

The PPAP Requirements Checklist answers the following questions.
  • Are all required documents complete and approved?
  • How many documents are complete, in progress, or not started?



Even if you are not required to submit a document, you should complete the document so it is available upon customer request.

  1. Enter the name of the part.
  2. From Submission Level, select a level. For descriptions of the levels, select Submission Levels.
  3. After you select a level, retention and submission codes are highlighted in the Requirements table. For descriptions of the codes, select Retention/Submission Definitions.
  4. From Status in the Requirements table, choose an option for each requirement. Based on your selections, the Progress table is updated to provide a summary of your submission.

For more information, go to Add and complete a form.