Use the Harvey Balls Matrix to visually communicate or compare qualitative information.
The Harvey Balls Matrix answers the following questions.
  • Which software vendor should we choose based on price, deployment timeline, features, and ease-of-use?
  • Which of our current projects are most at risk based on schedule, budget, and resources?
  • Do any of our managers require training in key management skill sets?


  1. Along the left side of the matrix, add rows and enter the items to compare. For example, you might want to compare different products, vendors, or people. To change the focus of the matrix to better match your objective, select Option, select , then select a different label or enter a new one.
  2. Along the top of the matrix, add columns and enter the criteria by which to measure each row item. For example, you might list different product features, vendor qualities, or personality traits.
  3. At the intersection of each row and column, select the ball that represents how much the criteria (column entry) contributes to the item you are evaluating (row entry).
  4. Based on your input, the matrix calculates a score to help with your decision-making.

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