Use the Impact Analysis form to identify who and what are impacted by potential change to evaluate the severity of the impact.

This method of analysis provides a clear understanding of the impact of the change so you can make informed decisions, mitigate risk, and manage change effectively.

The Impact Analysis form answers the following questions.
  • What are the effects of the proposed change?
  • Who or what is impacted by the proposed change?
  • How will the proposed change impact stakeholders and various components of your business?

The Impact Analysis form is commonly used in 8D projects. For more information about 8D, go to 8D Methodology.


  1. Describe the proposed change and its expected timeline.
  2. (Optional) Select Considerations to help you complete the table.
  3. (Optional) Select Severity Levels & Definition, then define the impact levels to ensure a fair assessment of the impact.
  4. Identify who or what is impacted by the change, including customers, employees, departments, suppliers, policies, processes, systems, and so on.
  5. Determine how the change impacts the groups you identified in the previous step in terms of roles, responsibilities, cost, time, resources, day-to-day operations, risks, challenges, and so on.
  6. Assess the severity of the impact based on a level of 0-4.
    • 0 has no impact.
    • 1 has little impact.
    • 2 has moderate impact.
    • 3 has high impact.
    • 4 has severe impact.
  7. Include any steps you plan to take to mitigate the impact.

For more information, go to Add and complete a form.