When you format a data-entry table in Design mode, you can set grouping options on Text Box or Numeric Box controls. Grouping options make filling out a data table more efficient.
  1. In Design mode, in a data-entry table, double-click the control to apply the grouping option to.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, select the Formatting tab.
  3. Under Grouping, select either or both of the following options.
    Copy value when adding a new row
    In Fill Out mode, when the user enters a new row that is identical to the previous row, they can choose Add Row > With Values to select the value from the previous row without having to retype it.
    Merge cells for display
    In Fill Out mode, adjacent rows with the same value merge to make the table easier to read.

    To see an example of these features, open the SIPOC form.

For more information about column grouping in Fill Out mode, go to Add and complete a form.