Voice of the Customer (VOC) Plan

Provides a way to collect important voice-of-the-customer (VOC) data so you can respond to this data to meet key business goals and improve customer relations. VOC data has many different forms, so recommendations depend on the type of data that you collect, the methods you use to collect it, and the type of analysis that you perform.

Answers the questions:
  • What approach will you use to collect the data? For example, interviews, surveys, questionnaires, comment cards, and so on.
  • How much will it cost to collect the data?
  • What type of data are you interested in?
  • What type of analysis do you expect to perform on the data? For example, simple graphs, statistical analysis, and so on.


  • Conduct a VOC audit to determine VOC practices that are currently in use in your organization.
  • Ensure that key stakeholders and executives support the VOC plan.
  • Ensure that the goals of the VOC plan are clearly defined and measured against relevant metrics.
  • Communicate VOC data frequently in a standard report to develop improvement strategies. Immediate response strategies are preferred.

For more information, see the following references:

  • M. Larry Shillito (2001). Acquiring, Processing, and Deploying the Voice of the Customer, St. Lucie Press.
  • Sheila Mello (2002). Customer-Centric Product Definition, PDC Professional Publishing.


  1. Have a cross-functional team complete each section of the form to ensure that you ask customers the correct questions.
  2. Develop a strategic plan and communicate the plan to key personnel.
  3. Report frequently and act immediately.

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