Use the True North Metrics form to provide enterprise-wide direction, or guidance, toward improvement. It represents the goals of an organization, not those of an individual event.

True North has the following categories:
  • Human development
  • Quality
  • Delivery/lead time
  • Cost/productivity


  • If the True North Metrics form was created for another project, review it, and copy it into the new project. True North should reflect the global direction of the organization and not just the goals of an individual event.
  • Generate metrics from all areas of the organization, from the front office to production to shipping to customer support.



Do not create a new form for every project. Copy any current True North Metrics form into the new project, and then edit and update as necessary.

  1. Identify key metrics for each category:
    Category Examples
    Human development
    • Safety performance
    • Training status
    • Number of Kaizen events attended
    • Customer-based quality metrics
    • Internal non-conformance
    Delivery/lead time
    • Cycle time
    • Speed of process improvement
    • Product development lead times
    • Value-added component of company expenditures
    • Total cost
    • Inventory turns
  2. Determine the current status for each metric.
  3. Establish the overall enterprise improvement for the metrics. This improvement is not meant to be the result of any one event, but that of the "Lean Journey". The target state should represent the "Vision of the Ideal".

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