As part of a Just Do It project, use the Statistical Analysis form to record the statistical analysis, tools, and the impact of your project's improvement. Also, include any output from your analysis, such as text, numbers, or graphics.

Answers the questions:
  • What statistical analysis did you perform?
  • What tools did you use?
  • What assumptions did you make or verify?
  • What was the output?
  • What are your conclusions?
When to use Purpose
Pre-project Document statistical analyses and graphs to explore the value of potential projects. For example, capability, stability, defect rates, and so on.
Mid-project Document statistical analyses and graphs used to determine vital inputs and their optimal settings.
End of project Document statistical analyses and graphs that provide a numeric picture of the final process condition. For example, capability, stability, and so on.


The data requirements are determined by the analysis that you use.


  • Retain all the information about your analysis. You can attach any external files, such as Minitab or Microsoft® Excel, as related documents in your Engage file.
  • You can use analysis capture tools to record the details of a specific analysis.


  1. Complete the form using the data you compiled.
  2. Provide a conclusion.

For more information, go to Insert and fill out a form.

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