Use the SIPOC form to define the scope of a process and its principal suppliers, inputs, outputs, and customers. SIPOC means Supplier > Inputs > Process > Outputs > Customer. However, a SIPOC does not typically provide links between these items. For example, suppliers are not linked to inputs, customers are not linked to outputs, and so on.

Answers the questions:
  • Where does the process start and end?
  • What are the major steps in the process?
  • What are the primary process inputs and outputs?
  • Who are the key customers of the process (both internal and external)?
  • Who are the key suppliers of the process (both internal and external)?
When to Use Purpose
Pre-project Identify potential projects by isolating areas of the process that need improvement.
Start of project Scope the project by defining the beginning and end of the process segment that is the focus of the project.
Mid-project Use to identify inputs for simple processes with few inputs.


This form has no data requirements because you use it only to collect and organize data.


  • SIPOC, like process mapping, is a team effort. Your team should include people who have various jobs related to the process to help point out activities, inputs, outputs, or process data that may be missed otherwise.


  1. As a team, determine where the process starts and where it ends, then define major steps in the process.
  2. List the primary steps in the process.
  3. List the primary process inputs; you do not need to associate inputs with process steps.
  4. List the primary process outputs; you do not need to associate outputs with process steps.
  5. List the suppliers of the process; you do not need to associate a supplier with every process input.
  6. List the customers of the process; you do not need to associate a customer with every process output.

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