Use the RACI form to identify who is responsible (R), accountable (A), consulted (C), or informed (I) for each project activity.

Answers the questions:
  • Who is responsible for starting and completing an activity?
  • Who is accountable for approving the beginning and the end of an activity?
  • Who is consulted about a project or a process before it starts? This is often a two-way communication with a subject matter expert.
  • Who is informed about a project or process after it starts? This is often a one-way communication with a specified stakeholder or team member.


  • Use to specify stakeholders and team members and assign responsibilities for the various activities.
  • During the course of a project, use to remind stakeholders and team members of the key activities and personnel involved in the project.


  1. Add an activity to the matrix.
  2. For each activity, choose R, A, C, or I to specify the level of involvement of each stakeholder or team member with an activity.

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