Quick Changeover (QCO-SMED)

Use the Quick Changeover (QCO-SMED) form to compare the internal and external components of process changeover, or setup, for both current and improved states.

Use Shigeo Shingo's approach to break the setup into components categorized as either:
  • Internal to setup: Must be done while the process is stopped.
  • External to setup: Can be done while the process is running, either before or after performing the setup.
Convert Internal components to External and improve any remaining Internal components.


  • Keep units consistent throughout the form.
  • If an element is partly internal and partly external, enter it twice with the appropriate data. For example, Inspect (internal) = 4 minutes and Inspect (external) = 8 minutes.
  • The primary goal is to reduce internal setup Time. This reduces the amount of non-productive process time and enables more setups, smaller run batches, and improved flow.
  • The secondary goal is to reduce total setup time to free up labor.


  1. Complete the header.
  2. In the first table, define how many times that changeovers occur.
  3. In the Initial State and Improved State tables, enter the elements of the changeover and define each element as Internal or External.
  4. Enter comments and observations.

For more information, go to Insert and fill out a form.

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