Preventative Maintenance

Use the Preventative Maintenance form to define and communicate the preventative maintenance (PM) portion of the controls.

Answers the questions:
  • What equipment requires preventative maintenance and what triggers it?
  • What actions should be carried out when a PM trigger goes off?
When to Use Purpose
End of project Document details of preventative maintenance requirements and schedules.
Post-project Provides the auditing function with defined requirements.


This form has no data requirements because you use it only to collect and organize data.


You should include maintenance/facilities personnel as team members from the start of the project.


  1. Determine which equipment would benefit from preventative maintenance (PM).
  2. Determine what should trigger the PM (cycle count, elapsed time, or parameter value).
  3. Document the PM requirements and obtain approval/agreement from the maintenance/facilities function.
  4. Record a link to the actual maintenance/facilities reference document that establishes the PM.

For more information, go to Insert and fill out a form.

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