Preparation Checklist - 6 Weeks Prior to Event

Use the Preparation Checklist - 6 Weeks Prior to Event form to complete the following objectives:
  • Define the improvement area and scope the activity to a manageable size.
  • Document support from leadership.
  • Define a team and record leadership commitment for participation of team members.
  • Identify the event facilitator.
  • Provide the basis for the event charter.


Focus on the following areas:
  • Use this form during the event selection and scoping.
  • Align the event to the True North metrics.
  • Link the event to the section of the value stream map to address.
  • Make sure that the team includes those with the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Obtain initial leadership buy-in before you start to use the Preparation Checklist - 4 Weeks Prior to Event form.


  1. Perform each task in the checklist.
  2. Meet with key leadership personnel.
  3. Record results, findings, and agreements as defined by the event charter.
  4. Add and act on items in the event specific checklist.
  5. Identify any uncompleted items.

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