Preparation Checklist - 1 Week Prior to Event

Use the Preparation Checklist - 1 Week Prior to Event form to complete the following objectives:
  • Validate the deliverables as well as the targets and measurements.
  • Direct a last review of facility set up and event supplies.
  • Set up clear boundaries to avoid scope creep.
  • Ask questions related to the input (suppliers) and output (customer) definitions.


  • Focus on the following areas:
    • Review outcomes and deliverables
    • Define clear boundaries
    • Check arrangements
  • Use a SIPOC to establish boundaries.


  1. Perform each task in the checklist.
  2. Record results, findings, and agreements as appropriate.
  3. Complete a SIPOC.
  4. Add and act on items in the event-specific checklist.
  5. Identify any incomplete items.

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