Line Balancing - Value Stream Map

Use the Line Balancing - Value Stream Map form to compare the cycle time for multiple operations on a value stream map against the takt time. If you enter a value in the optional What-If Cycle Time column, the tool compares this cycle time to both the original cycle time and to the takt time.

This analysis is useful when you try to balance either a cell or a sequential series of process steps. It highlights the waste of waiting.


  • Although daily production is likely to be the same for each operation, they can differ, for example, when machines feed multiple lines.
  • Ideally, cycle times should be similar and should be at, or slightly below, takt time.
  • If you want to use this tool to balance a line for a proposed cell, you must first create or edit a value stream map to include those steps.



This form requires takt time, which you can get from your value stream map.

  1. Complete the header.
  2. To add operations, hold the pointer on the column, click the add/delete button, and then choose Select Existing VSM Shape Data. Engage calculates the cycle time and the takt time for each operation and shows the results in a bar chart.
  3. Enter "what-if" cycle times for the operations, and then view a bar chart that compares the actual values and the what-if values.
  4. (Optional) If daily production is different for each operation, you can enter it in the table.
  5. (Optional) Under Summary, you can enter a description of the what-if changes or suggest future activities.

For more information, go to Insert and fill out a form.

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