Kaizen Event Risk Assessment

Use the Kaizen Event Risk Assessment form to evaluate whether a Kaizen event can be completed on time.

Answers the questions:
  • Are potential events properly scoped?
  • Will the necessary resources for the event be available? This could include rearranging or repositioning equipment, getting support from external organizations, and verifying the availability of team resources.
  • Will the event eliminate or reduce waste as predicted?
  • Are there any potential issues, such as regulatory approvals and marketplace, beyond local control?


  • Use the total risk score from the risk assessment tool to help determine the relative risks in completing various events.
  • Complete the Kaizen Event Risk Assessment as a team. Ensure that team members represent various functions of the process.


  1. The evaluation criteria are broken down into four categories:
    • Scope/definition of event
    • Deployment/leadership
    • Team leader
    • Event closure/benefits
  2. Each category contains predefined risk factors. The process improvement leadership team may make any changes to the list of risk factors.
  3. The leadership team defines and assigns a weight to each risk factor.
  4. Evaluate and rate the impact of each risk factor on the event.
  5. The scale used in Engage contains the following values:
    • Yes = 1
    • Probably = 3
    • Maybe = 4
    • Probably Not = 5
    • No = 10
    For example, for an event without a clearly identified customer, the associated risk factor would be given a rating of No, which translates to a score of 10 times the weight for that risk factor.
  6. Sum all of the ratings to obtain a total risk assessment value that reflects the risk of not completing the event in a timely and beneficial manner.

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