Justification of Just Do It Project

Use the Justification of Just Do It Project form to provide reasons why the Just Do It methodology is right for this project.

Answers the questions:
  • Are the problem and root cause known and understood?
  • Is extensive analysis not necessary?
  • Is the solution known or directed?
  • Does the project have a low implementation cost?
  • Do the team members have a thorough understanding of the process?
When to use Purpose
Pre-project To justify initiation and control of a project with a known solution path while minimizing project-related time and cost


This form has no data requirements. It is used to document rationale for a simplified project approach.


  • Verify that the subject matter experts are in agreement with the proposed approach.
  • Ask a second time if the use of DMAIC, Kaizen, or other more rigorous approaches would be worth the added time and cost.
  • Listen to employees to identify the key problem areas.


  1. Identify the problem area.
  2. Identify a solution path that does not merit a more rigorous project approach (may be known or directed)
  3. Verify solution approach with subject matter experts.
  4. Interview employees to determine the barriers to improve the process.
  5. Evaluate whether or not the proposed project qualifies as a Just Do It project.

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