Design Scorecard: Part

As part of a QFD project, use the Design Scorecard: Part form to assess how well a part is manufactured. This form also helps you evaluate design parameters from the House of Quality Matrix 2 so that you can do the following:
  • Predict the probability of defect levels
  • Calculate capability
  • Set goals
Answers the questions:
  • What are the defects per unit (DPU) for each design parameter?
  • Which DPU method is used?


  • Scorecards summarize engineering metrics, provide visibility into the project, and promote communication within the organization.


This form uses the design parameters from the House of Quality matrices.

As a cross-functional team, complete the following steps:
  1. In the Critical Design Parameters table, complete the remaining columns.
  2. Under DPU Data, if some design parameters are not continuous variables, change their DPU method values. If you change the DPU method, Engage automatically moves the design parameter to the appropriate table.
  3. To calculate the DPU, complete the remaining columns in each table.
  4. Review the Part Scorecard Summary.
  5. Open the Scorecard Summary form and review the values in the Part row.

For more information, go to Insert and fill out a form.

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