Use the Control Plan to create a list of vital inputs to control and outputs to monitor. The Control Plan references the settings of these variables together with any required tolerances, and, most importantly, it references all controls put in place from Poka-Yoke (mistake proofing) to audits.

Answers the questions:
  • What inputs must be controlled to assure that project benefits will accrue?
  • What outputs must be monitored to assure that project benefits will accrue?
  • What controls have been implemented?
When to Use Purpose
End of project Provides a formal place to record final project settings, tolerances, and controls (including frequencies, responsibilities, and reaction plans) .
Post-project Documents the necessary ongoing control and monitoring activities and provides a location to document changes to the controls.


This form has no data requirements because you use it only to collect and organize data.


  • A control plan should be considered a living document and should reference any post-project changes to the controls.
  • The quality of the controls is critical; if the controls fail, all the work put into the project may be wasted.
  • You must monitor the process output, in addition to the inputs. Even if all the inputs that were important when the project was executed are kept in control and within their tolerances, the process output can still move to an undesirable state. For example, changes to the process may place new leverage on inputs that were not considered earlier, and are not being controlled, thus causing an increase in process variation or, perhaps, a shift in the process mean.


Record all pertinent control and monitoring information for vital inputs and outputs. This typically implies that a control plan will have a record of the variables/activities to be controlled and the general method that will be used to control each item. Specific details of the controls for the items may be contained elsewhere.

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