Use the Audit Plan to record and define audits of key inputs or key outputs that are required for the control plan.

Answers the questions:
  • What audits are required to maintain project benefits?
  • What is the design of the audits (for example, scope, frequency, responsible function, criteria, and reaction plan)?
When to Use Purpose
End of project Provides a formal place to define required audits.
Post-project Provides the auditing function with defined requirements.


This form has no data requirements because you use it only to collect and organize data.


  • A good practice is to involve the function that will perform the audit in the writing of the Audit Plan.
  • Audit frequency may be logically based on how likely the controls are to remain fixed. Examples:
    • If the control is a change of material specification, all that may be needed is a one-time audit one month after project closure to verify that the blueprint and material-ordering systems have been changed and that the obsolete material has been physically purged.
    • If the control is an operator-based method change, monthly audits across all shifts for a full year may be appropriate.
  • You should audit the performance of the output in addition to the inputs. Even if all inputs that were important when the project began are kept in control and within their tolerances, the process output can still move to an undesirable state. For example, changes to the process can place new leverages on inputs that you did not consider earlier and are not controlling now, thus causing an increase in process variation, or perhaps a shift in the process mean.


  1. Determine which inputs and outputs would benefit from an audit.
  2. Audits may be limited (for example, once per quarter for the first year).
  3. Audits may be ongoing and, perhaps, incorporated into the organization’s quality system (for example, ISO or QS).
  4. Create audits in accordance with the organization’s procedures.
  5. Document the audit.

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