Use the 5S Audit to record the results of a 5S workspace audit: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain.

Answers the questions:
  • How does a process rate when evaluated against 5S best practices?
  • Have process improvements from 5S been fully implemented and documented?
  • Have process improvements from 5S been integrated into the operational culture?
  • Have plans to sustain the process improvements been set in place and executed?
When to Use Purpose
Pre-project Evaluate current process conditions relative to 5S best practices to identify process areas that have potential for increased efficiency.
Mid-project Evaluate whether process improvements utilizing 5S have been fully implemented.
End of project Verify the process improvements utilizing 5S are sustainable and fully integrated into the process.


This form has no data requirements because you use it only to collect and organize data.


  • The 5S category subtotal percentages and the total 5S percentage reflect how well a process scores in specific categories, relative to a perfect score of 100%. Standard cutoff scores do not exist for acceptable or not acceptable processes.
  • Lower percentages indicate areas where improvements can be made. You should weigh the value of making these improvements when deciding whether to go forward and when prioritizing the areas to improve first.


  1. Fill out this form as a team.
  2. Evaluate a process before or after 5S improvements.
  3. Answer each question in all five sections of the form, rating the process relative to the criteria.
  4. The subtotal scores and percentages of total reflect how well the process measures up for each category of 5S.

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