If you have edit access to a project, then you can use the features in design mode to modify a form or an analysis capture tool.

In design mode, you can change the form's layout, formatting, fonts, colors, and controls. You can also add local data fields to the form


You can only modify forms that are in your project's Roadmap. To update a management form or to save a custom form as a template, you must be a data architect. If you are a data architect, go to Create form templates.

  1. Ensure that the form to modify appears in the workspace.
  2. On the Form menu, click Design.
  3. In design mode, you can use layout grids to align objects, insert controls, tables, and graphs, and so on. For more information, start with the following topics:
  4. After you customize the form in design mode, switch to fill-out mode to test it.
  5. (Optional) In fill-out mode, on the Form menu, click Protect Form. Enter a password to turn on password protection. Only users who have the password can enter design mode and edit the form.
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