Set up conditional formatting

When designing a form, you can set up Text Box, Numeric Box, and Formula controls to display special formatting when specific conditions are met.
  1. In design mode, double-click the control to edit.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Formatting tab, and then click the Conditional Format button, as shown in the following image.
    Conditional Format button
  3. In the Conditional Format dialog box, set the conditions:
    1. Click the Add button to add the selected control to the list of conditions.
    2. Under If this condition is true, type the condition. You can also click the Formula button to create a condition in the Formula dialog box. When creating a condition, consider the following:
      • To create a condition that contains text, enclose the text in quotes, for example, Priority="High".
      • To create a condition that contains a list value from a data field, such as Project Status or Percent Complete, you must refer to the data field's internal value. For a list of internal values, choose File > Data Definitions, and then select the data field.
    3. Choose the formatting options to apply when the condition is met, and then click OK.
    Conditional Format dialog box

    When a value for hard savings is greater than $50,000, special formatting is applied.

In fill-out mode, the value's formatting indicates that the condition is met.
A table with conditional formatting

Values that are greater than $50,000 are green and bold.

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