Apply Quick Fill to text or numeric box controls

You can apply Quick Fill to a text or a numeric box control so users can choose from a list of values for faster and more consistent data entry.
  1. In design mode, double-click the control to edit.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Quick Fill tab, and then choose one of the following options, if they are available.
    Option Result in fill out mode

    Data Source Quick Fill

    Values from a data field connected to a data table, such as Team Member, are displayed.

    Custom List Quick Fill

    Values entered in design mode are displayed.

    Column Quick Fill

    Available only when the text or the numeric box is in a data-entry table.

    User-entered values within the column are displayed.

    Pairwise Quick Fill

    Available only when the following criteria are met:
    • The text or the numeric box is in an intersecting row and column of a data-entry table.
    • The rows and columns are connected to the same data table.
    • Each row has an equivalent and corresponding column, which happens only when the same filter conditions are applied.
    Values from the rows and columns in a table are displayed in an intersecting cell.
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