Set up sorting in a pairwise matrix

When designing a form, you can set up a pairwise matrix to copy a user-entered value cross-diagonally to ensure the matrix sorts correctly.

A pairwise matrix is typically used to evaluate priority or to measure the strength of a relationship between row and column values. In Engage, you set up a pairwise matrix by creating a data-entry table that has the same variable in both the row and column.

When you choose to make cross-diagonal cells the same in a pairwise matrix, Engage automatically copies the value entered by the user to the corresponding cross-diagonal cell. This is useful for sorting when the copied values in the pairwise matrix are hidden by conditional formatting, as shown in the following image.
  1. In design mode, connect the data-entry table to a data table and choose either of the following filter options.
    • Show all rows or Show all columns
    • Populate rows based on filter criteria below or Populate columns based on filter criteria below
  2. Connect the control in the repeating row and the control in the repeating column to the same data field.
  3. At the intersecting cell of the repeating row and the repeating column, double-click the control, and choose Always make cross-diagonal cell values the same. In fill-out mode, when a user enters a value in the repeating row, the value is copied to the corresponding cross-diagonal cell so the matrix sorts correctly.
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