When designing a form, you can set grouping options on Text Box or Numeric Box controls in a data-entry table.
  1. In design mode, in a data-entry table, double-click the control to apply the grouping option to.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Formatting tab.
  3. Under Grouping, select the Copy value when adding a new row checkbox. In fill-out mode, when a user adds a new row, values from existing rows are available in the With Values menu.
    Copied values

    In this example, Hospitals and Hospitals/Insurance estimates are values from existing rows in the data-entry table.

  4. Select the Merge cells for display checkbox. In fill-out, when column grouping is on, this option merges adjacent rows that have identical column values. For more information about column grouping, go to Group and ungroup columns.
    Merged cells

    In this example, the first two rows of the Suppliers column are merged because they contain identical content.

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