Generate a brainstorm list

In a fishbone, an idea map, CT tree, or mind map, you can quickly generate a brainstorm list by typing items in the task pane, or by importing variables from other tools in your project.
  1. In a brainstorm diagram, choose View > Task Pane.
  2. In the task pane, type an item and press Enter. The following image shows an example of a brainstorm list.

    To import variables from other tools into the brainstorm list, click Import X Variable or Import Y Variable in the task pane, and then, in the Data Selection dialog box, select the variables to import.

  3. Select one or more items in the list and drag them to a shape on the diagram. You can also drag items back to the list. For more information about how to arrange the diagram, go to Arrange the brainstorm diagram.
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