Include project data in reports

When you include a project in the dashboard, specific project data, or key metrics, are included in dashboard reports.

The dashboard aggregates this specific project data from all projects that are in the active and completed stages of workflow and any non-workflow projects that are included in the repository. The results are displayed in dashboard reports to provide insight in to your improvement initiative.

When a steering committee member starts a project from the hopper, the project moves to the active stage and is automatically included in the dashboard. It remains included, even after it is completed.

Non-workflow projects; however, are excluded from the dashboard. You might exclude a project that hasn't been approved yet, or one that does not contribute to the improvement initiative, such as a standalone process map.


When workflow is ON, only data architects and administrators can include a non-workflow project in the dashboard. When workflow is OFF, data architects, administrators, and project owners can include a project in the dashboard.

In the desktop app, you can include non-workflow projects in the following ways:

  • When you save a project for the first time, or when you save an existing project as a new project, choose File > Save As, then select the option.
  • When you upload a project or a folder, choose File > Open > Computer. Choose Upload Projects or Upload Folder, select the item to upload, then select the option.
  • When you have an existing project, choose File > Share > Include in Dashboard > Include in Dashboard.
In the web app, to include a non-workflow project that is currently excluded, open the project repository, select the project, then click Include in Dashboard.
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