Data architects and the Design page

Data architects use the Design page to create a sandbox where they can set up workflow, manage data fields and templates, and create public reports. Only data architects can access the Design page.

About data architects

A data architect is a user who is assigned the role of Data Architect in their Engage subscription. Data architects drive standardization by ensuring that the Engage subscription adheres to the following guidelines.
  • Workflow supports the company's process.
  • Data fields represent the key metrics to track.
  • Templates include the data fields that store the key metrics to track.
  • Public reports highlight the information that stakeholders want to see.

Access the Design page

To access the Design page, complete the following steps.

  1. Sign in to the Engage web app and select Design.
  2. Select Copy Projects to additionally copy all projects from the live site to the sandbox. Because copying projects can take a long time, this step is recommended only if you want to preview changes in sandbox projects.
  3. Select Create Sandbox to make a copy of the live site so you can make changes to it without affecting your users. If a sandbox already exists, go to Use the sandbox for more information.

Watch a video

Watch a video to learn more data architects and the sandbox.