Only data managers can import managed data as CSV files from external applications.

Managed data refers to sensitive project data that is maintained in an external data source, such as financial data maintained in a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet. Because managed data is read-only, users cannot edit the values. This eliminates manual re-entry and user error and increases the integrity of your dashboard reports.

  1. In the web app, select Data.
  2. If available, select Upload Data. If this button is unavailable, have a data architect create a Managed Data for Projects table in the sandbox.
  3. Select Browse File and navigate to the location of the CSV file that you want to import. You can upload only one CSV file at a time.
  4. Select Upload. Engage uploads the data and displays it as a table on the Data page.

After you import the managed data, you can use it to create and update dashboard reports. Go to Design a form and Create a report.

Guidelines for saving a CSV file

When you create a CSV file for import, follow these guidelines.

  • Make sure that the first column of the CSV file is the Project Identifier field.
  • Make sure that the remaining columns in the CSV file appear in the order that they appear in the dialog box.
  • The CSV file must contain the same number of columns as the table for managed data.