Make a data field required

Make Benefit Type a data field that users must complete before they can submit an idea for review.
  1. Choose the field to require.
    1. In the sandbox, click Workflow Sandbox.
    2. Under Ideas click Set required fields.
    3. In the Set Required Fields dialog box, choose the expand button and choose Benefit Type.
  2. Add the required field to the idea form.
    1. In the sandbox, click Templates.
    2. Under Management Forms, click the edit button next to the idea form.
    3. In the sandbox template editor, insert a Drop Down control and label it Benefit Type.
    4. Connect the control to the data field called Benefit Type, then click OK in each dialog box.
    5. (Recommended) To make sure the user is aware that the new field is required, provide instruction, include an asterisk, format it with color, or provide some other visual indicator.
  3. Save the template.
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