Link a new workflow phase

Add the new phase, "Predefine", to the DMAIC methodology to allow time to scope the project, then link the new phase to its corresponding list field value in the Current Phase field.

Add the new phase to the DMAIC methodology

  1. In the sandbox, click Sandbox Workflow.
  2. Under Methodologies & Phases, edit the DMAIC methodology.
  3. In the Edit Methodology dialog box, click Add New Phase.
  4. Under Phases, drag the new phase above the Define phase.
  5. In Phase Name, enter Predefine.
  6. Under Reviewers, select Project Leader.
  7. Under Required Fields, click Select a field, click Project Summary, then choose Scope.
  8. Click Save.

Add the new phase to the Current Phase list field

  1. In the sandbox, click Data Fields.
  2. On the Data Fields page, under Fields, under Single-Value Categories, expand Project Summary.
  3. Edit Current Phase.
  4. In the Edit Field dialog box, under Values, in the first row of the table, click the add button to add a new row.
  5. In the new row, enter DMAIC - Predefine.
  6. Click Save.

Link the new workflow data to the new list field value

  1. Click Sandbox Workflow.
  2. Under Data Linking, click Link workflow data.
  3. In the Link Workflow Data to Fields dialog box, expand the data field, Current Phase.
  4. Under Current Phase, link DMAIC - Predefine in the Current Phase column to DMAIC - Predefine in the Field Value column.
  5. Click Save.
    Now the workflow data and the dashboard data are synchronized.
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