Create a data field that has options

Create a list field called Organizational Awareness that has the following options: High, Medium, or Low.

To prevent this example from affecting your live site, discard any changes before you exit the sandbox.

  1. In the sandbox, click Data Fields page.
  2. Under Single-Value Categories, expand Project Summary.
  3. At the end of the list, click New Field in Project Summary.
  4. In the Add New Field dialog box, select List with the Text value selected, and then click Next: Set Options.
  5. Enter the name Organizational Awareness. Because you want to track this metric in the dashboard, leave the Available to dashboard reports option selected.
  6. Under Values, hover your cursor over the second row and enter High. Click the plus sign to add Medium and Low.

    To prevent unexpected results, always keep the blank default value. This way, if a list value is deleted, any field that contained the deleted value will be blank, not incorrect. Instead of deleting list values, make them inactive. For more information, go to Effects of deleting global data.

  7. Click Add. The new field appears alphabetically in the list of data fields in the sandbox.

To add the Organizational Awareness form to the Project Charter, go to Make a data field available in all projects.

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