When you create new data related to stages, methodologies, current phases, start date, completion date, or due date, be sure to link the new data to existing data fields so that the new data becomes part of the workflow process.
For example, suppose you want to make a new methodology available to users or add a new phase to an existing methodology. You would need to follow these high-level steps:
  1. In the web app, click Design. If a sandbox is not available, then create one.
  2. Add the new workflow data. Depending on the data you want to add, update any existing data fields or templates related to the new workflow data. For example:
    • If you create a new methodology, be sure to create a new project template to associate it with. Go to Create a project template.
    • If you add a new phase to a methodology, add the new phase to the current phase list field. Go to Create global data fields.
  3. In the sandbox, click Sandbox Workflow.
  4. Under Data Linking, click Link workflow data.
  5. Link the new workflow data with the field or list field value that you want to associate it with.
  6. When you are done making changes in the sandbox and you are satisfied with how they will be applied in the live site, click Publish Changes.

For a detailed example of how to link workflow data, go to Link a new workflow phase.

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